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Can a Promoter in a company can sale their shares?

 Yes, a promoter in a company can sell their shares, subject to certain rules and regulations. Promoters are individuals or entities who have been instrumental in the formation of a company and have significant control over its management and operations.

In many countries, including India, promoters are required to comply with securities regulations and disclose any sale of shares to the stock exchange and to the company itself. They may also be subject to insider trading laws and regulations that prohibit them from selling shares based on material non-public information.

In addition, the company's Articles of Association or shareholder agreements may impose restrictions on the sale of shares by promoters, such as a right of first refusal for existing shareholders or limitations on the number of shares that can be sold in a given period.

Overall, while promoters have the right to sell their shares in a company, they must comply with applicable securities laws and regulations and any restrictions imposed by the company's governing documents.

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