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How to Activate Missing Tournament in Call of Duty Mobile?


How to fix Missing Tournament Event in Call of Duty Mobile?

The Issue:

Users Reported that some are getting access to the latest CODm event Tournament where players get opportunity to earn free CPs, Emotes and Red Sprite Camo for free by just playing set of games in given Time Slot!

Users who are not getting this option are feeling unhappy and sad as they are unable to get any help to get equal and fair opportunity like the other players who are able to get this.

The Suggested Fix:

It looks like a bug and seems that Activision Missed out in Pushing it to all the server on time, Raise Activision Support Ticket and by visiting Activision website or Chat with Support using in-game Chat options.

CODm support options how to videos:

1. Activision Support:

2. In-game CODM Support:

If you still find any difficulty then comment on above recommended videos and Prozy will reach out to you.

-News- #Codm SEASON 4 First Official Teaser - Egyptian theme 🤩

Codm SEASON 4 First Official Teaser is here | Egyptian theme coming in codm
Looks cool, and we will be expecting a blast with the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Season 4.

Looks like CODM is going hand in hand with the Egyptian God Theme as Moonlight is making it a trend nowadays. 

Good Selection CoDMobile. We are in the Game for it. 

#codm #callofdutymobile #CoDMobile

Call of Duty: Mobile - Crash Into Paradise | S3 Cinematic Trailer

Call of Duty: Mobile - Crash Into Paradise | S3 Cinematic Trailer

What a wonderfully crafted 3D Animated S3 Cinematic Trailer Published by the Call of Duty Mobile India.

It is a definite hype and a don't miss should buy Battle Pass this season.

Having Rock Starts, Gunzo and a Banana blaster Mac 10 makes it a crazy Rock & Roll Theme super crazy Battel Pass ever in this game.

Have a look and don't miss to buy it!

R.I.P AK47 Mythic | Prozy Vs AK47 RADIANCE Squad - Wipe out

R.I.P AK47 Mythic | Prozy Vs AK47 RADIANCE Squad - Wipeout

Call of duty Mobile Battle Royale gameplay video where Prozy Spotted a Squad holding the Latest AK 47 Mythic Radiance.

And Prozy Single-handedly wiped out the Squad.

Enjoy funny Hindi voiceover and gameplay.

See you soon in my next upcoming video.

Note: If you want to leave me a message, do drop me a comment, and just if enjoyed this video then leave a like, share this video and subscribe to my channel 👍🏻

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Gameplay - Solo Vs Squad - #CODM #PROZY

Find out the Gameplay of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Solo Vs Squad By Droding Dog Gaming House(GD) incorporation with the Pro Player PROZY YT.

Maxed out Season 6 Battle Pass Purchase 🤩| #CODM #PROZY

Season 6 Battle Pass Purchased to the Max | #CODM #PROZY
Hello! The Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass Showcase is now available.
In this video, I'll demonstrate and purchase the Battle Pass, as well as experience the distinctive Call of Duty Mobile animation and Tier 50 Maxed-out goodies.

Season 6 Battle Pass highlights include:

- Rosa Epic skins as a Double Agent Operator
- ICR 1 Blood Money
- Dlq33 black market With Pay 2 win iron sight
- Price The Captain Epic Operator Skin
- Juggle and Shoot CoDM emote
- HG40 all angles
- Domino revolutionary Epic Operator Skin
- Type 25 jungle militia
- Backpack Sling bag 
- SOAP takedown skin
- MX9 Stone Serpent

#Prozy #CoDM #BattlePass

Google Account In-app Purchase issue Easy Fix! #Prozy #CODM

In-app Google Account Purchase The Easiest Fix for Multiple Google Accounts | Without Deleting All Accounts!

The fix is for problems such as:

- What should I do if In-App Purchase shows a different Google Account?

- Different Google accounts are displayed in the in-app purchase.

- An incorrect Google account is displayed in the in-app store.

- In-app store does not show the correct Google account

- Issue with redeeming a Google Play Gift Card due to a Google Playstore Account Conflict

Yes, I'll teach you how to fix in-app purchase troubles with games like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, Freefire, and other Google PlayStore-based buy apps in this video.

Most other sources will tell you to remove all related Google Accounts to fix it, which I will show you how to do first, and then I will show you how to fix it quickly!
#GooglePlaystoreFix #Prozy #CoDM #HowTo

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