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My Ghost-Retribution 🤩 in CODM Omnipotent Lucky Draw!

Attempt at a Lucky Draw In Omnipotent Draw, I'm trying my luck with Legendary Ghost Retribution.
Prozy's most recent Call of Duty Mobile video, in which Prozy tries his luck with Omnipotent Draw. My goal is to get Ghost Retribution, and I'll keep buying until I get the third Legendary Character Skin, to keep my Legendary Collections current.
Hopefully, luck will be on his side this time.

Call of Duty Mobile Primeval Redux Draw is here! #Shorts

This YouTube short video features the Codmobile Primeval Reducx Draw Showcase. I've already purchased the entire draw; to see the gameplay, go to this link: The following are the highlights of this Call of Duty Mobile Lucky Draw: CODM Primal Sentinel Recon CODM Legendary DRH - Wicked claw CODM Charm - Trophy CODM Calling Card - Survival of the fittest CODM Emote - Invisible Enemy CODM Parachute - Visceral CODM Karambit - Visceral CODM Chopper LMG - Visceral CODM Pistol MW11 - Visceral CODM Wingsuit - Visceral I hope you find this YouTube Shorts Video entertaining. On my website, you will find even more awesome CoDMobile videos. Remember to like, share, comment, and subscribe. Also, make sure to turn on the bell icon so you don't miss any important notifications from me. 📢 About me: A Call of Duty Mobile Pro. Working on Youtube to provide entertaining & knowledge gaming content for my viewers, using which we can make a small fun community together and enjoy team gameplay & tournament. 📢 What we do - We create contents like: Gameplays: Battle Royale, Ranked, Multiplayer, & Custom tournaments. Pro Tips: How-to videos, Pro tips & Walkthrough. News: Latest Game Update, Leakes, and also the Rumours. Events: Organizing Tournaments & Giveaways. Funny Video: Humor video creation Just for Laugh. 📺📺📺 Social Channels - We are almost everywhere! 📺📺📺 🎮 Discord server(link):​​​ 🎮 YT channel:​​​ 🎮 Trovo(link):​​​ 🎮 Twitch:​​ 🎭 Instagram:​​ 🎭 Twitter:​​​ 🎭 Facebook:​ 📢 Copyrights Statement/Disclaimer: We do not or encourage or use the other's copyrighted content on our channel - we strictly follow fair usage guidelines, but still when we are generating so much information then there is a chance of possible error. If in case anyone finds any of their content in our channel then we agree that if the notice is given within 2 days of the event we will take of the content - and can compensate a maximum of 0.01$, not more than that in any disputes arises post 2 days, but yes we request & will give thanks credit to the content owner for his creation. 📢 My Website

#CODM Season 3 Blade And Blossom Draw is here #Shorts

#CODM Season 3 Blade And Blossom Draw is here #Shorts Good News: - The first Draw of Season 3 "Tokyo Escape" is here. - Most Desired Legendary AK47 Kuromaku is available now for Lucky Draw. - Sentinel Recon is Back as Shogun in an amazing shiny Japanese outfit. - Opportunity to grab very rare Epick Hachi Meele Weapon - "Hachi Porcelain Yakuza" - And The Lovely combination Flower & Fire is there in Flame Flourish emote. Bad news: CoDMobile Blade & Blossom is not free in the Global version. Note to Call of Duty Mobile: Thanks for fixing the Regression issue with Man-O-War. Another appreciation giveaway that I listed in my video can be found here. Make certain you're a subscriber of my YT channel "Prozy" and help me to reach the milestone of #ProzyTo1k. To stand your chance of getting a free battle pass giveaway do comment with #prozyTo1k! Do like, Share & Subscribe.

I got my Templar - Royal Knight 🤩 Got Lucky Again #CODM​ Lucky Draw

In this YT video, I am Showcasing Crossguard Mythic Drop Lucky Draw & EPIC Character skin: Templar - Royal Knight My Video contains an amazing showcase of CODM Lucky Draw Spin where I got lucky and got Templar - Royal Knight Charcter skin. #CallofDutyMobile​ Highlights: - #CODM Crossguard Mythic Drop Lucky Draw - #CoDMobile Templar - Royal Knight Character Skin - #CallofDutyMobile Templar Royal Knight Voice Command

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