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Loba Bootlegger's Gameplay - Squad Wipe Apex Legends Mobile

In this video, you can see a gameplay montage featuring the Loba Bootlegger in a Pirate Costume, one of the most difficult-to-obtain characters in Apex Legends Mobile.

Find the look and feel of this Apex legendary Mobile Legend in this little video as the legendary Mythic Loba Bootlegger performs Squad Clutch.

Playing Loba Bootlegger Apex Legends Mobile SQUAD #apex #apexlegendsmobile #shorts

Apex Legends Mobile Original Graphics Settings in Season 2

Eye Catchy original Graphic Settings Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay for You!

Yes, here I tested the Original Graphics and uploaded an unedited Raw Quality Video so that you can check how it feels when you play Apex Legends mobile on The Highest Graphic Quality - "The Original".

There is a limitation that you can use ORIGINAL Graphics only at 30 FPS, so it's going to look cool but the refresh rate will be locked to 30 FPS.

Check out the video and compare it with my very last video where I used Extreme HD and figure out the differences.

Hopefully, you must have enjoyed the video, for more upcoming videos from Prozy click on the subscribe link Here.

#apexlegendsmobile #original #graphics 

Apex Legends Mobile Extreme HD Kings Canyon Map

Our friend Prozy Tested the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 New Map Kings Canyon Map on Extreme HD Graphic Settings, and Apex Legends Mobile has surprised the Mobile gamers with PC class quality on Mobile devices.

Below is the @youtube source of Prozy's Gameplay with Extreme HD graphics, no other Mobile Game is even closer to such high graphics, and for your information, there are even better graphic settings options available on this game: 

The current Best High FPS game on Mobile for sure is APEX legends Mobile, with its fast moves, attractive distinct graphics and excellent gameplay designs.

As said by The Prozy that he will soon share the Original Graphics, which are even the higher end of Extreme HD graphic settings and provide us with the gameplay, we will wait for getting more gameplay from him. 

Hopefully, you must have enjoyed the video, for more upcoming videos from Prozy click on the subscribe link Here.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 Launch Trailer

Guys are you ready for:

Season Two Highlights: 

- APEX LEGENDS MOBILE  New Legend Rhapsody

- APEX LEGENDS MOBILE  New Map Kings Canyon


- Season 2 Apex legends Mobile Battle Pass Expectations

- Apex Legends Mobile New Update

- Apex Legends Mobile Trailer

#apexlegendsmobile  Distortion Launch Trailer

How to Install & Play APEX Legends Mobile?


You can join in the fun with Prozy! Soft Launch of Apex Legends on Mobile!
Apex Legends on mobile may be downloaded with the following steps:

Connect to the nearest region from the list of Approved counties that are allowed to play Apex Legends Mobile's Soft Launch using VPN software.

List of countries:

  1. Argentina
  2. Colombia
  3. Mexico
  4. Peru 
  5. Indonesia
  6. Malaysia
  7. Philippines
  8. Singapore
  9. Australia
  10. New Zealand
Once connected, go to the PlayStore, register for APEX Legends mobile & proceed to download it.
Start playing and have fun.

Note: Make sure your VPN is turned on for the duration of the game; if it goes off in the middle, your account may be locked out.

When locked workaround: Clear Chace & Storage data from Android>Settings>App Management. It will allow you to access it again with a VPN.

I hope this post will help you with the information you had been searching for.

If you still have queries or want to play with #Prozy join him on his Discord Server: Link to our Discord Server.



We've seen a lot of fresh advancements in the Apex Legends mobile gaming version, and there's been a long wait for fans of mobile first-person shooter games to try it out.

Despite the fact that the public beta version was shared in various regions of the world, it was still relatively limited, and users were able to see the evolution as it was altered in response to player feedback.

Now that the game is nearing completion, Apex Legends is planning a soft launch in a few select regions. Hopefully, they won't rush it due to the high server load, and the transition to the production server will go well.

The release date rolled out, and I'm still not sure if it's still confined to certain territories as stated in the prior announcement, or if they've added more countries.

The 1st of March has been announced as the soft launch date, and users from various countries who are eager to get their first look at the game can utilise the video posted by Prozy to match up their clocks!


The Apex Legends Mobile soft launch countries and platform have been revealed.

The launch of Apex Legends Mobile in April 2021 sparked a frenzy of anticipation in the gaming community, enticing players from all around the world. As the game approaches its soft launch is limited as of now to certain regions.

Players have been anticipating the global debut since the first day, and there have been rumours that The APEX Legends Mobile soft launch will happen in December 2021, but that was just a rumour, Finally! Respawn Entertainment has made a statement on the subject. The APEX Legends Creators have announced the launch of Pre-Registrations, which will begin on February 1 onwards on the Android platform, is much to the pleasure of fans. They've also defined which countries will get access to the first soft launch. The whole list is as follows:
  1. Argentina
  2. Colombia
  3. Mexico
  4. Peru 
  5. Indonesia
  6. Malaysia
  7. Philippines
  8. Singapore
  9. Australia
  10. New Zealand
The pre-Registration process is similar to the Beta Registration process, I have added a link to Beta registration videos to make it easy for you. The stages for gamers to finish the pre-registration process is as follows:

Step 1: To begin, open the Google Play Store app and search for 'Apex Legends Mobile.' (Glimpse from the old beta video is as below)

Step 2: On their displays, users will see the option 'Pre-register,' which they must select.

Step 3: A pop-up will appear, and users can finish the pre-registration by clicking on the "Got it" Button.

Once you will find the Install option install it just like the Beta version as in the below Video: 

Users using iOS devices, as well as those from countries other than those listed above, will need to keep an eye on the game.

Nonetheless, this is a positive step forward, as the "Battle Royale" title has been anticipated since the first beta tests were conducted a year ago.

Will post more updates soon!

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