Apex Legends Mobile Extreme HD Kings Canyon Map

Our friend Prozy Tested the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 New Map Kings Canyon Map on Extreme HD Graphic Settings, and Apex Legends Mobile has surprised the Mobile gamers with PC class quality on Mobile devices.

Below is the @youtube source of Prozy's Gameplay with Extreme HD graphics, no other Mobile Game is even closer to such high graphics, and for your information, there are even better graphic settings options available on this game: 

The current Best High FPS game on Mobile for sure is APEX legends Mobile, with its fast moves, attractive distinct graphics and excellent gameplay designs.

As said by The Prozy that he will soon share the Original Graphics, which are even the higher end of Extreme HD graphic settings and provide us with the gameplay, we will wait for getting more gameplay from him. 

Hopefully, you must have enjoyed the video, for more upcoming videos from Prozy click on the subscribe link Here.

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