We've seen a lot of fresh advancements in the Apex Legends mobile gaming version, and there's been a long wait for fans of mobile first-person shooter games to try it out.

Despite the fact that the public beta version was shared in various regions of the world, it was still relatively limited, and users were able to see the evolution as it was altered in response to player feedback.

Now that the game is nearing completion, Apex Legends is planning a soft launch in a few select regions. Hopefully, they won't rush it due to the high server load, and the transition to the production server will go well.

The release date rolled out, and I'm still not sure if it's still confined to certain territories as stated in the prior announcement, or if they've added more countries.

The 1st of March has been announced as the soft launch date, and users from various countries who are eager to get their first look at the game can utilise the video posted by Prozy to match up their clocks!

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