New Wrench Coils Killing in one Shot! Pay2Win or a Bug? | #CODM #BR #Prozy

While watching Parker's Youtube video today found that there is a Pay to win feature or Bug got added to the new Wrench "Coils" Camo available at Store Crate "Midnight Storm Crate".
It is killing an enemy player in one shot, which is not so far possible with any other Milli Weapon or Camos of similar types.

If people move down to gamble for this crate just to get this wrench and in the future CODM fix it to perform normally then the Buyers may feel cheated.

So our effort here in this video is to identify and find if this is really a feature or a bug.

I have added a small part of Parker's video in my content as I don't yet have that wrench, just to show you how it is a Pay2win till now.

For the video added to this content, I thank and give credits to Parker The Slayer.

To watch his full video where he is doing all his one-shot killing, please find the link below: 

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