#CODM Season 3 Blade And Blossom Draw is here #Shorts

#CODM Season 3 Blade And Blossom Draw is here #Shorts Good News: - The first Draw of Season 3 "Tokyo Escape" is here. - Most Desired Legendary AK47 Kuromaku is available now for Lucky Draw. - Sentinel Recon is Back as Shogun in an amazing shiny Japanese outfit. - Opportunity to grab very rare Epick Hachi Meele Weapon - "Hachi Porcelain Yakuza" - And The Lovely combination Flower & Fire is there in Flame Flourish emote. Bad news: CoDMobile Blade & Blossom is not free in the Global version. Note to Call of Duty Mobile: Thanks for fixing the Regression issue with Man-O-War. Another appreciation giveaway that I listed in my video can be found here. Make certain you're a subscriber of my YT channel "Prozy" and help me to reach the milestone of #ProzyTo1k. To stand your chance of getting a free battle pass giveaway do comment with #prozyTo1k! Do like, Share & Subscribe.

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