Call of Duty Mobile New Super Anime Crate is Here!

Super Anime Crate is here!
The highlights of this crate are: 
Call of duty Mobile Latest Super Anime Crate is Live for purchase. In this video, I will showcase the crate Epic Crate items which are the major attraction of the Anime crate. Most Major Highlights are: 1. Skyalla Pin Hearted Character Skin 2. Love & Peace Emote 3. QXR TSUNDERE 4. M4 Weapon Camo - Breakup 5. FR. 556 Kuudere 6. AGR556 - DAME Fortuna 7. Motorcycle - Bubblegum 8. AXE - Bubblegum 9. Knife - Bubblegum 10. Backpack 1 - Bubblegum 11. MW11 - Bubblegum 12. ASMO10 - Great Wave And more Rare & Uncommon Camos.

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