Got My Call of Duty Mobile - Battle pass for Season 2 Day of Reckoning

Bought my "Day of Reckoning" Season 2 BattlePass, and it is out for purchase.

Here is my video showcasing the battle pass, hope you will enjoy it. The Season2 Battlepass is the best, and the best highlights of Season 2 are: 📢 The opening item is Mace "Back for more" & "Mora Awakening Skin" 📢 HVK - Jumper Cable 📢 Charlie Free character 📢 DogTag Charm 📢 Death Angel Alice Login Reward 📢 Alex Mason Skin in BattlePass Reward
🪂About me: A Call of Duty Mobile Pro. Working on Youtube to provide entertaining & knowledge gaming content for my viewers, using which we can make a small fun community together and enjoy team gameplay & tournament. 📢 What we do - We create contents like: Gameplays: Battle Royale, Ranked, Multiplayer, & Custom tournaments. Pro Tips: How to videos, Pro tips & Walkthrough. News: Latest Game Update, Leakes, and also the Rumours. Events: Organizing Tournaments & Giveaways. Funny Video: Humor video creation Just for Laugh. 📺📺📺 Social Channels - We are almost everywhere! 📺📺📺 🎮 Discord server(link):​​​ 🎮 YT channel:​​​ 🎮 Trovo(link):​​​ 🎮 Twitch:​​ 🎭 Instagram:​​ 🎭 Twitter:​​​ 🎭 Facebook:​

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