How to watch movies from Video Hosting Websites on Android TV?

Unable to play Video from Video Hosting Sites on Android TV.


Platform: Smart Television
Operating System: Android TV, any version. 


Unable to play videos from video hosting websites on android TV because you don't have any TV app for the video hosting website.

For Example Unable to play video from without installing its app.

Some video hosting sites don't have dedicated apps for Android TVs, luckily Youtube has apps for Android TV but it is not the same case for another website.
So, what to do for such hosting sites?

Here in this tutorial, we are going to share an easy trick to get through this trouble.


Why are we not able to play Video directly from the website?
The Browsers on the TV are not capable of playing Video Contents. I tried the Puffin browser, which is available on TV's Playstore, and also tried the Native Browser available with Sony Bravia TV, but both of them are not able to run the playback content. 


So for such sites which do not have any apps at present for the Android TV, below is the suggested workaround to make it work:

1. Install the Firefox Mozilla Browser on your Android TV from the link:
  1. On the Television, you will not be able to download the Firefox Browser Application Pack APK directly, and this APK is available on the above link from GitHub. To install it, you need to First use your mobile or computer to download this application and save on Google Drive. 
  2. Once downloaded, upload it on the Google Drive folder and remember the location. 
  3. Now on the TV, use the ES File Explorer app and go to Network>Cloud>Google Drive and install the downloaded Firefox APK from here. 
2. The Firefox app for TV is installed, Now open the hosting website.

3. Now enjoy all the videos with Firefox Browser on your Television screen. 


Installing the Firefox TV APK provided the full-fledged browser feature to the Android Television. Whereas earlier, the native browser and the browser options available on Playstore had limited functionality and were unable to play the video contents. 
Firefox TV-Browser Application removed the limitations and provided with a powerpack feature to play Flash Video Contents & also download them. Now we can watch the movies directly from the browser and do not need a unique App to do that.

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