How to use "AirtelTV" on "Android Smart TV"?

Use AirtelTV on Android Television

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How to use "AirtelTV" on "Sony Bravia Android TV" & other "Android Smart TVs"?

Updated Solution (Dated 22June2020): Airtel Xtream TV app is now available on TV's Olaystorr
AirtelTV app is only for mobile, and if I install it on TV by overriding the conditions, then it is getting installed but is visible horizontally. I can not use cursor as the AirtelTV app uses touch input. So installing AirtelTV App on Android TV is not a solution; it needs some workaround to watch Airtel TV app content in another way. 


The Airtel TV app is only available for mobile devices, but lots of Airtel users who enjoy paid channels and movies on the AirtelTV app want to enjoy AirtelTV on the bigger screen. 
Like I want to see the videos on my big 55 inch TV Sony Bravia.


Platform: Smart Television
Operating System: Android TV, any version. 


As we know that the Airtel TV app is not present for the Android TV below is the workaround I can suggest to make it work:

1. Install the Firefox Mozilla Browser on your Android TV from the link:
  1. On your TV, you will not be able to download the APK directly, and this APK is available on the above link. To install it, you need to First use your mobile to download this application. 
  2. Once downloaded, save it on your Google Drive Folder. 
  3. Now on your TV, use ES File Explorer>Network>Cloud>Google Drive and install the APK from here. 
2. The Firefox app for TV is installed, Now open the link

3. Now enjoy all Airtel TV app from here on your TV screen. 


Identified that Inbuilt Browser and Browser available on TV Playstore cannot download anything from the internet and play the Dynamic Contents like Flash Files and Videos. Puffin Browser and Native browsers are just right for Browsing the Internet.

To check this fact, we first tried to run the on the native browser and the Puffin Browser, but it failed to play the Content.
Even those Playstore Browser are not able to download any APK on the TV.
So we installed the Firefox TV APK from Google Drive and then test the website on it and found it working without any problem.

Airtel's website is platform-independent and can be used on a computer, mobile, or Smart TV; you can now definitely enjoy the contents of Airtel TV app on


The Firefox Browser is very smart and able to play the Flash & Video contents without any problem.
Using this browser, it is possible to play contents directly from Youtube, Dailymotion, or any other video hosting websites. Now you don't need to keep on installing different applications for watching different Contents. 
For Android TVs, the Firefox Browser is the best because it can add a lot more capabilities than the TV browsers available on Playstore. Now with Firefox, you can not just browse the internet and read Contents but also enjoy additional features like a real mobile or desktop browser, as it let you play music, videos, and download.
Firefox will definitely save you from searching for unnecessary applications and perform most of the Content from one single browser.

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