What is the LifeSpan of Corona Virus on the surface of Mobiles, computers, and Gadgets?

The Novel Corona Virus COVID-19

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 as the pandemic, and we know it is a global concern, and the impact is visible in many countries. The source of the Virus is still unknown. The scientists are estimating that it may have originated from China, where the first of such a case was reported and may be the result of the fact that Chinese people are habituated to it the animals who are the host of Coronavirus family, especially Snakes and Bats.  

Social Media Question

What is the full form of COVID 19?

Answer: Corona Virus Diseases, 2019.

Who is the Host of the Virus?

This Virus is not Airborn; that means it is not in the environment like regular viral flu, but it is a contagion that means it can be transferred from one patient to another patient.
We first need to understand how this Virus lives and survive in our body and how it infects others.

How This Virus Spread?

This Virus infects the lungs, nose, and throat; basically, the respiratory organs of the body, just like any other flu, show early symptoms of cough, cold, and flu. At a later stage, its cells start to regenerate inside the body at such a fast speed that it causes pneumonia and creates a life-threatening situation. Sneeze and cough cause tiny droplets containing the Virus, which is touched by the healthy person, and once his hand reaches around respiratory parts like nose or mouth, he infects himself.

Main Problem with this Virus - Why are we not able to control it?

This Virus survives for more than 3-4 days on the surface, and it is invisible due to which many people unknowingly come in contact with it and spread infection by infecting themself.

Why LockDown is the only resort?

Because we don't have a cure, the only way to survive is to break the chain of its spread by locking ourselves for the time all the patients are identified & quarantined.
Why we are not able to identify the patients without Lockdown. Most of the patients are showing the symptoms post 12 days during this period; they coughing and sneezing and laying the Virus on their surroundings.
Some people causing the further delay, because they are afraid and unaware of the situation, and the psychology of thinking that reporting the flu to the medical institutions which are full of COVID-19 patients is a hub, and they may get infected.
Delay in reporting of the decease cause delay in the treatment which results in an emergency, along with it there are chances of patients infecting a lot of people around him.
So it is crucial to lock ourselves for good 21 days or more if needed, completely isolate ourselves and in between if required medical help, report it immediately so that we can reduce the impact as soon as possible.

What is the lifespan of the COVID-19 Virus?

We should know the lifespan of this Virus on the surface of different objects, especially the necessary devices on which we spend most of our time & touch them again and again. 
For example, the surface of the table, knobs glass, water bottle, keyboard, mouse, power button, and switchboards, etc...
To answer this question accurately, we checked the report shared by WHO and sharing some details.
The old Report from World Health Organisation (WHO) suggested that the original SARS-CoV virus identified in the year 2003 has a lifetime on the glass surface for up to four full days, which makes it 96 hours.
For the Plastic Surface, it has a lifespan of 72 hours that makes it 3 days.
Similarly, In the recent study conducted by the United States' National Institutes of Health, and conveyed to the WHO reports that the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) also lives on the surfaces like steel and hard plastic for about 72 hours (three days), same as the SARS-CoV virus.
Also, when tested on cardboard(you might be taking deliveries), it has a lifespan of 24 hours, and on copper, the Virus lives for 4 hours.
However, the new studies from the United States National Institutes of Health did not test it on Glass surface; hence we can consider the same as SARS-COV-2 as the other test factors match with COVID-19.
Finally, the best practice to be safe is social distancing and isolation for some time.
We give credit to the United States National Insitute of Health for sharing their research & providing us a better idea about the virus life span and helping us to be more aware of sanitizing the surface.
So far, We do not have any effective cure for the Corona Virus Pandemic, the only best way to rescue ourselves is by keeping the social distance between people, and by maintaining strict hygiene by covering ourselves with the protective shields like masks and sanitizer.

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