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Touchpad Not working inside Windows 10: 

Windows 10 users may come across the issue when they will notice that the touchpad is not at all working and they tried connecting external USB mouse and it was working just fine.
May get worried that touchpad itself has gone faulty, but it is too soon to worry, so first, we have to try simple and easy issue identification technique and we may resolve the issue as well.
But before we proceed we need to verify whether it is a Software issue or Hardware (About which you are worried) issue.

Issue Identification:

First, we will go to the device manager and check for if the TouchPad is getting detected under Human Interface Device and Mouse and Keyboard input devices, it should get detected in either one of them.
If getting detected, then it is a simple issue with drivers open properties to check for status and try to uninstall and reinstall the driver form appropriate source.
Just in case it is not at all getting detected in device manager then there is no way to work around with the drivers, hence in this condition, we need to check the Touchpad functionality outside the operating system.
To check it I will recommend checking it in BIOS, depending upon your system’s manufacturer go into BIOS, nowadays most of the BIOS manufacturer supports Mouse and Touchpad support try checking it there.
Just in case if your BIOS does not support Mouse and touchpad in BIOS then try to check it in Windows Recovery.
It will conclude to two situations; 1: Touchpad is not working in BIOS/Windows Recovery. or 2: Touchpad is working in BIOS/Windows Recovery.


Situation one: Touchpad not working in BIOS and Windows Recovery, then it is identified as Hardware Problem you should contact the manufacturer for getting it repaired or contact local IT to get it fixed for you.
Situation two: Touchpad is working in BIOS/Windows Recovery, go to device manager and click on view menu on top select View Hidden Devices, now see if you see anything under Mouse and Keyboard input devices or Human Interface devices, just in case you find something new in there which is transparent just right click them and click on Uninstall, then go to Device manufacturer or chipset Manufacturer website and install the chipset drivers, now restart the computer. You will find your touchpad is working just fine now.
In most of the cases, you will find this specific issue when the customer will report after doing an operating system installation their touchpad is not working. Chipset driver is a fix for this issues.
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