Crackling Sound from speakers while laptop is on battery.

Issue identified when system is only on battery so we can try below before concluding any Hardware issue :

Open Device manager by right clicking on Windows 10's  - Windows logo on left hand bottom which is for opening the Start Menu as below:
Now go to Network Adapter and check by any chance if you have Intel Dual Band Wireless card in there, if yes double click on that to open its properties then click on Advanced

 Now in Advance on left hand side look for properties and in properties look for Transmit Power then on the right hand side change Highest to Medium Then click OK.
Intel Wifi may or may not be part of your computer hence if this option is not there then do not worry you can proceed with next step. 

As we know that the Speaker is being Static only when the AC adapter is connected hence in this case we will try to uninstall and reinstall the battery driversin device manager.
To uninstall the Batteries Drivers check the above image expand the Batteries and right click Microsoft AC Adapter then select uninstall, do the same for Microsoft ACPI-Complaint Control Method Battery, once this both option are invisible from the device manager then click on the icon which is highlighted in green above with a arrow mark, which is for Scan for Hardware Changes, Click on it and it will reinstall the Drivers.

Now check the Speakers they should be working fine now.

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