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As you already may know your best way to get into Device Manager, may be you might be using Windows 10 and now that right clicking on Windows Start Logo will give you option to open device manager, or you love to just simply type Device Manager in Cortana or traditional Windows Search box and open device manager or any other way.

But maybe sometime the Search Box may not work some time it may not be Windows 10 and you may just have Windows 7 where you have to right click on My Computer then click on Manage, then on left hand click on Device manager.

But the best to open Device manager in any situation is Windows Key on keyboard + R key on the keyboard.

Which will pop up the Run box and you can type in there Devmgmt.msc and it will open up the device manager, just like in below image:

Just in case Windows + R key due to some condition with the windows operating system and you are not able to find a ways to open device manager, then you can open a Run box through Task Manager, to do that you need to press CTRL+ALT+Delete keys on the keyboard and it will go to blue screen from there select the option Task Manager it will pop up a Task Manager box and if you are using Task Manager for very first time you may find some thing like  below:

So need to click on More details and it will bring up the full page of task manager as in below image: 
Now  again you will get a new task it will bring up Create new task box.
You have additional benefit of this box over run box, that is you have a privilege to run the new task as an administrator in here.
So when you want to run CMD, Device Manager or any troubleshooting apps using Administrative privilege and your Start Menu is not working or you have logged into an user account then try using Task manager. 

About This Post: This is just a general idea and base foundation to many other troubleshooting we will be sharing in our past and future posts, so may be possible if you just reading this post you may not be able to make out anything out of this post and may think that why this post is here but it is addition to many other upcoming post.

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  1. Can u help with bsod when the docking station is connected.


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