3-in-1 Windows Hello Fix, Windows Hello Setup Greyed Out, Windows Hello Error: Something went wrong & Windows Hello Domain Logon Fixed.

First issue, Unable to setup Windows Hello and getting error Something went wrong.
You may come across this error and may report that you are unable to setup Fingerprint logon using Windows Hello feature.
The fix for issue as I identified was very easy though no one really posted it on line or you can say you may find the fix for this issue but not in one single fix.
How to fix:
First, need to check the version of Windows 10, to check it you need to Hold the windows key + R so that it will pop up the RUN box.
In that run box type in WINVER to check the version, I bet it would be 1703 because I found this issue mostly on this version.
Once confirmed do the Windows 10 In place update. Bring windows to 1803 or later version.
Once update done you will face another issue that now that setting up Fingerprint option itself is grayed out.
But no need to worry we have perfect fix for it.
So, this post is really 3-in-1 fix, second issue is what to do if Windows 10 Hello Fingerprint setup is grayed out as in below image:

Unable to set Windows Hello Fingerprint Setup after upgrading the Windows 10 Pro to Version 1803 spring update the option to setup is grayed out as can be seen in the image above.

Identified the fix after having much search that the problem indeed was in registry glitch which just needs to be fixed.
How to Fix:
Need to open REGEDIT using a WINKEY + R in run box.
In there go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > System
Remember that it may be possible that sometimes you may not find the Key System under Windows registry hence you may need to create the system value manually.
To do that right click Windows > New > Key Name new key as System.
Now on the right hand side column you will find registry String value named "(Default)" Now just right click it and select Modify and just copy “AllowDomainPINLogon”=dword:00000001 under Value Data after this just restart the computer and you will find that now you are able to setup the Windows Hello Fingerprint Logon.
So this Article was indeed 3-in-1 fix because we resolved Windows Hello Something went wrong issue, then we fixed Windows Hello Fingerprint Setup Grayed out issue and Finally while doing all this we also fixed the 3 issue which is Windows Hello Domain Login with Fingerprint issue.

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