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This time the Techy question comes to me by kid, and it was AMKETTE EVO GAMEPAD PRO2 will it work with his laptop!!!
First tried to search for the internet and found there were people strongly denying and saying “no it will not” But I found YES IT WILL WORK. 😊
Played same games which I played on Android device without any problem.
AMKETTE EVO GAMEPAD PRO2, just works like a charm on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform. Just like it did in the Android phone.
Just like means JUST LIKE that means as not all the game were supported by Gamepad in Android device in same way not all the PC games will work with the Game Pad.

Now let me show you how I made it work. (No rocket science you just had to figure out it in your computer.)
STEP 1 -
First connect your game pad to the device using Bluetooth. Hope you already knew it if not the below are the steps: 
Right click on the Bluetooth icon under hidden Taskbar icons and select Add Bluetooth Device.

No Click on the Add Bluetooth Device as in below image:

If it gets connected properly you will see something like in below image:

Have you Noticed that the Windows 10 Recognizes it as a Gamepad in above image?
This was something which really motivated me that it should work, so how to make it work!

Now let me show you how I found it first to be working.
On the Bluetooth & other Devices page where we are on the same page just scroll down and you will find the below options under Related Settings among them select Devices and Printers highlight in yellow in below imag

Now you will find your new page like in below image: 

Now Right Click on the Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro v2 select Game controller settings  as highlighted in Below Image:  
Now click on Properties as in below image: 
Now find the below options and believe me this game pad is working on the PC as well at least I tested on Windows 10:
Now click on the Settings on the Top and the click on Calibrate: 

It will bring up the Game controller calibration Wizard:

Click on Next to calibrate your man D-Pad on left, move it on the all the direction and then click on the D-Pad’s centre button to get through it, just like the instructions in below image.

Follow the instruction further and calibrate the right D-Pad as well which will appear as Z-Axis calibration.
So now we are done with setting up our Game controller.
Now let me show you that it is also working inside the game while playing Prince of Persia:

Now I believe you exactly know how to make it work and use Amkette Evo Pro Game controller V2 joypad,  and the issue is Fixed.

Remember one thing it was built for Android still you cannot play all the game using it on Android phone in same way you may find lot of games will not have option to give your Gamepad exclusive controls. 

Note: If you are looking for drivers for Amkett Evo Gamepad Pro V2 then you don't need one, because Driver for this gamepad is in digital signed library of Windows 10 it will automatically pick it up.
This is my first blog post using computer and using video, last 4 years of continuous effort to make world more easy still not doing  great but hope soon things will turn out to be just fine.


  1. Brilliant !!!
    Will try this out 😊

  2. Password while adding a device asking.enter a pin on amkette Evo gamepad Pro v2 asking

  3. Thanks man, I tried the wired version with Linux(Manjaro/ Ubuntu) and it worked like a charm. but when it comes to the Windows 10, it is just recognized as ps3 joystick. will definitely try your method.

  4. Will it work with amkette evo pro 4

  5. Mine connects with my Omen laptop but as a mouse. I mean on gamepad I see that mouse light gets stable instead of gamepad light. Also the keys can not be configured using x360 app for 64 bit version, as most buttons do not get recorded. Don't know how to make it work, and switch the mode to gamepad mode instead of mouse mode. I tried the control panel thing, but it does not calibrate as D-pad doesn't work while trying.


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