Unable to uninstall Office 365 | Windows 10

Have you ever came across the situation where you exhausted subscription of MS Office 365 and now you want to get rid of it in Windows 10 but you really don't find it installed on your PC anywhere.

To ensure you went to Apps and feature under settings you tried and searching for it there was no MS office 365  but you may find get office you removed it still you find Office apps, so now you may have thought about traditional control panel program may have it so we tried searching for Appwiz.cpl (type in Cortana) and open it try finding MS office here if found you can remove it from here.

If you still don't find it then, in that case, go to Apps and feature under settings again search for Microsoft Desktop office App uninstall it now you will not find office anymore on the computer.

The reason you were not able to find the MS office 365 was that office 365 is cloud-based service from Microsoft so what MS did instead of putting in the whole package the simply installed small client App Office Desktop on your computer which was just making you feel that you were enjoying full featured pack version of MS office 2016.

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