NFC - Near Field Communication

NFC is really old technology now but people still want to encourage it for giving quick commands through NFC sticker, making faster payments by just a swipe of cell phone near the payment machine at the stores making faster regular files transfer.
Samsung really tried hard to encourage this technology and was some kind of boom in 2014 to share files with just touching the phones or shaking them in the radius of 10cm.
But now its usage is low for file sharing as there are more alternate better options available like share it and others.
So why still some people want to use it, either they want to make use of the technology or for payment gateway machine to make the faster transaction. Just a few lazy people.
So I found one like them who has NFC enable PC and trying to transfer the file from phone to PC using NFC and he was touching it to the desired place but the computer was giving prompt for google photo?
But it really comes handy when you use NFC to enable camera and easily transfers photos from your camera to your mobile device.
NFC stickers are also a hand ways of using preset commands for your smartphone in day to day life like while you are getting into the car to start navigation you can just move your cell phone around the destination sticker and it will open google map with navigation information. But really don't see anyone really using it but in reality, the NFC Stickers are very cheap and easy to programmed. 
Big crazy question that person was looking out for the option that computer will give him option to receive or not !!!
Computers, in general, I found an issue sharing images and videos with mobile devices(Android) don’t know about other devices at least the one I was using Samsung. found it working great between windows devices. 
I was comfortably able to transfer the web pages and files but when transferring the images and videos in a cross-platform environment they were just getting transferred in incorrect format and I ended up unable to use it.
How to use NFC?
First, you have to check whether your phone/computer supports NFC or not, to check that go to settings and on search type in NFC if you have that it will come up enable it from there.
If you want to send the file from your Windows 8/10 mobile device or PC just open charm bar and select Tap to Send so whatever app will be open on top will if has supported app installed on the mobile device will send the files/like a/app to the receiving device. Ensure that even the Bluetooth is on the device.
For PC select the option TAP and Send for Charm bar.
For mobile hold the file and click on share and select NFC following it.
It works best if it is between windows devices but has some problem with cross platforms as discussed earlier like the Android to windows device. 

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