Ryzen CPU unable to load Windows. |Fixed|

Below are the Symptoms and Troubleshooting steps in regards to the issue with RYZEN CPU:

* At the first time startup user may report that the system is restarting to Blue screen.
* System stuck at Manufacturer logo.
* After System Manufacturer logo system is going to blank screen.
* System is in the loop or continuous restart.
* Symptoms reported after Power Failure which corrupted the Windows Power Kernel and took it to recovery.

*Go to BIOS page under Performance disable AMD Hyperthreading and AMD Turbo Boost & TPM.
* Go to F12/ One Time Boot menu and select Windows boot Manager manually and boot it to windows and update the windows to RS3 or above.
* If unable to boot into Windows, create lates MCT media and from Media creation tool website and load it. (links mentioned at bottom of the page.)
* Update to latest BIOS Version.

Case study:
We identified that the high failure rate on Ryzen CPU. Especially with the users having OOB Experience which is out of box experience.

There is no real problem with the Ryzen CPU as such as per my findings.

I found that the issue is with the OEM version of OS sent along with the system.

Issue identified with the preloaded OS Windows 10 Redstone 2.

Sooner you will update it to Windows 10 RS 3 Fall or Windows 10 RS 4 Spring update the better.

Now I will explain why I think it is the RS2 which is the root cause of the issue.

We identified the same issue on some early Kaby lake processor where RS 2 was booting into "Recovery Page" It was blue in color and had Big Recovery written over the top following the message and at the end, the message was Retry recovery or skip.
Here we have to select the option to boot into windows by Entering to Retry and in some computer ESC to skip the recovery.
Cause once It reaches the windows can be later taken care of by BIOS update.
We found the same symptom on this systems, system booting to the windows and later getting the Recovery page where Users selected Retry Recovery and that caused the OS boot issue.
Especially in my case the users had Windows 10 DVD which was taking a long time to reload and they became impatience and that was not helping fix the issue as we already discussed RS2 and that was no fix.
So we created Media Creation tool as we discussed in our previous Blogs how to use that and helped the users to reload the RS3.
Through this method, we have successfully resolved the issues on the most of the system in the southern region.
It was clear scenario of where we were facing issues with the no boot issues.
Now we found some users who reported to be getting no post(Systems stucked at the startup) issues on this systems.
When we drilled down we found this some users were in huge numbers.
When narrowed down the issue identified that 90% of this users just had same no boot issues and they just got stuck on or after post screen.
Infact assuming that could be issue with motherboard or RAM we tried replacing them but reaching the user's location identified it is not at all the problem but just the Operating system is not loading. Once we reach at customer place it was easy for us to explain them the problem and providing them fix demonstration. Which really helped making users aware and fix their issues.
What we did. We tried keys for One-time boot menu and the Diagnostics or entering the BIOS we were successfully able to reach there.
From the one-time boot menu, we started the computer into windows by selecting windows boot manager and it took us to windows.
From there we did the BIOS update and the update to the latest build of windows to resolve this issue.
Issue has been fixed and we are not facing any problem with our users in regards with the Ryzen CPU.
You may find the issue that you are not able to boot from USB and DVD on a system with Ryzen CPU because the option in the boot menu is not visible for USB and DVD drive, we have the good working fix: Disable TPM from BIOS and then try. Thanks, CJ for this fix.
Important links:
Note: Whenever you fix this issue following it update the Bios and Windows as soon as possible.


  1. Kathryn SavannahMay 16, 2018 at 9:40 AM

    USB ports are not working on my computer with Ryzen CPU.
    Need help.

  2. Hi, found this thread at AMD community. Hope it may help more.
    And yes you may find more issues using the Windows7 as drivers are not available.
    So ensure using Win10.

  3. Problem may also be with USB piece part, kindly check for PCI adapter or cable in it.

    1. In my case it is embedded on motherboard no additional cabe or PCI card installed.

    2. Which one is not working. USB 2.0 or 3.0.

    3. And computer not loading up to Windows. Tried external DVD and USB to load OS but they are not working.

    4. Try making bootable media exactly in same way given in below link


    5. You want exact fix then go to BIOS by F2,ESC,Del or any other key(as per the motherboard settings) and disable the TPM under security.

      Now you will be able to boot from CD and DVD as well as from USB.

      Hope we have resolved all the issues with Ryzen issues.


  4. You want exact fix then go to BIOS by F2,ESC,Del or any other key(as per the motherboard settings) and disable the TPM under security.

    Now you will be able to boot from CD and DVD as well as from USB.

    Hope we have resolved all the issues with Ryzen issues.



  5. We appreciate your knowledge

  6. I have a computer which has Ryzen CPU Dell 5055 Optiplex, it came with WINDOWS 10 I am not able to install Microsoft Windows XP, for which I have USB and DVD but it does not have boot option in f12 boot menu.

    Please help.

  7. Try disabling TPM and try it will fix as suggested by CJ.
    Thanks CJ I fixed 4 computer after your update.


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