Windows 10 Pro, Blank Screen on Domain logon.

Windows 10 Fix  
Desktop without start menu and icons

Windows 10 Domain Login account is Blank with just mouse cursor. No visible taskbar & Icons.

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If you are using Windows 10 Pro and using domain login, then you might face the issue with the Domain account and surprisingly find that the initial admin account, which is present after the initial Windows setup, is working fine.

This problem identified with the OEM version or the RS2 version of windows 10, to fix the issue, you need to install the Microsoft copy of the Windows 10 RS3, also known as Fall Creator/Redstone 3 update of Windows 10, which is available online on Media Creation Tool Site.

From 26th April onwards, it will change to RS4, which will be Windows 10 Spring update.

To get the issue resolve, you need to first open the browser, to do that Press
CTRL+ALT+DELETE and it will show you multiple options as below :
From here select Taskmanager, and it will show below options
You will get initial Taskmanager somewhat looking like above or below if you got the Taskmanager like in the above image that means it is your first time into Taskmanager. Hence, you have to click on More Details, And then it will show something like in the below image.
Just like in the above image, click on File then New Task; it will bring Create New TASK box; try Explorer.exe command it may fix this issue.  
If it does not work, then we have to proceed with updating the windows to RS3.
Again open Create New Task box following the same above step, this time type in Iexplore it will bring up the InternetExplorer.
Now go the website for Media creation tool
Open below link in  InternetExplorer:
it will show you an option like:
Media Creation Tool
select the opportunity to download the Tool.
Download the ToolTool and then run it follow positive options
And don't worry if you do not see Windows 10 PRO option in the above picture Windows 10 alone is for both home and pro user, it just enables features according to the license of the computer. Next:
Here in the above image, select the second option to Create Installation Media.
Now in the above image, select the ISO file option.
Now wait for the ToolTool to download the ISO image, it will take time as per the internet speed you have, the size of this File is approximately 4-5GB.
Once it downloads the Windows 10 ISO file, if you have WinRAR, then unzip all the data go directly to that folder, then check files and open Setup.exe.
It will give the above option if you want to save your old files and data just if you're going to delete everything then select Change what to keep.
Now click on Install.
It will take around 30-60 minutes to install.
It will, for sure, fix your issue.

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