Top 3 Guitar apps for Guitarists

Just to help my guitar enthusiast friends across the globe here, I must list of guitar apps that will help you always to keep tuned - keep learning.
Friends just to let you know that even I am a guitar enthusiast, just begun my intermediate level, so whatever I am going to present here in this post is as per my experience.

Guitar Tuna
Guitar Tuner App
This is the App that has replaced traditional Guitar Tuner and metronome.

Yes, now you don't have to carry multiple pieces of small electronic devices with you, your smartphone is just enough.

So as you already knew it has replaced Guitar Tuner & Metronome by reading my first line, I just want to add more about this App. 

Ad-free Free Guitar Tuner & Metronome.
More paid optional features such as getting songs cord and practice along are there, which I haven't tried yet. But it may be possible you may like them. Click here to get it.

Justin Guitar App
Justin! For Guitar enthusiasts, he is a great teacher. He is my teacher and black belt guitar master. I have been honored to have access to his lessons. Thanks to the Internet for making people together across the globe.

If you want to learn Guitar and looking for a proper school, you can trust Justin, the excellent teacher who will cost you  '0' ₹/$/€/£/¢ or whatever currency you know yes his teaching is over the top for .00 cent.

This App is ad-free, and you can donate if you wish.

You can also find Justin's free lessons on his website & if you are learning it from scratch, then use the website instead of App. To Get App click here.

Another handy app that I believe you must already have on your device is YouTube.

Playing Guitar and learning new stuff in different languages and different experts is possible using YouTube you can find a lot of Youtubers posting songs which you may want to learn, in fact, you will find excellent coaching from this guitarists. They are very interactive, helpful, and refreshing.

You can enjoy YouTube videos on their website and watch the video, or you can download their App YouTube from the app store.

My advice is to use App because when you are learning something, you tend to see the same video again and again at the different time which will unnecessarily eat your data, instead of doing like that you can use YouTube app and save videos offline which will also show your personal collection.

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