The sparkling or Humming sound from the system when AC Adapter is connected.

Issue: System makes a crackling or sparkling or humming sound when the charger is connected.

    • 1: Issue with DC in Port(Charging Port) or AC Adapter(Charger) of the computer/notebook or Earthing. First, Get the power wall outlet checked for earthing issues. or try to use the computer on power plug which has confirmed earthing and confirm if the issue persists and if it persists then go ahead with the below. 
    • 2: Intel Wifi Dual Band Card Advanced Power Settings.  
You may come across the trouble that sometimes you find that the speakers causing crackling sound and very distorted while you have connected the AC adapter to the computer.
So as we the two highlighted cause above if it is a cause number 1 then you need to get the Hardware of the computer fixed for which you need technician you may contact the device manufacturer for it.
But in cause 2 you may check below:
You may have a question that why it is changing its behavior while the adapter is connected.
You may also conclude that there must be some problem with the computer physically and the power supply is affecting the behavior of the computer.
But the reason behind the changed behavior of the speakers lies within the software and with the windows, nothing to do with the physical hardware of the computer.
In my experience I found that this issue comes with the Intel WiFi Cards, because they have the capacity to manipulate the power used by the WiFi card and they try to over drain while the AC adapter is connected which indeed disturb the functionality of other devices as well.
It is a minor glitch to Intel's very successful cards, indeed its not a problem.
I will recommend below steps to fix the problem:
Step 1: 
Open CMD with Admin rights
Once in command prompt type in "Powercfg -h off" and press Enter
This will turn off a majority of the power saving feature of the system(We can later turn it on using command "Powercfg -h on" if it does not fix the problem).
Step 2: 
Now our actual Troubleshooting will start from here now open Device Manager by right clicking on Windows 10's  - Windows logo on the left-hand bottom which is for opening the Start Menu as below:
Now go to Network Adapter and check by any chance if you have Intel Dual Band Wireless card in there, if yes double click on that to open its properties then click on Advanced

 Now in Advance on the left-hand side look for properties and in properties look for Transmit Power then on the right-hand side change Highest to Medium Then click OK.
Intel Wifi may or may not be part of your computer hence if this option is not there then do not worry you can proceed with next step. 

As we know that the Speaker is being Static only when the AC adapter is connected hence, in this case, we will try to uninstall and reinstall the battery drivers in device manager.
To uninstall the Batteries Drivers check the above image expand the Batteries and right-click Microsoft AC Adapter then select uninstall, do the same for Microsoft ACPI-Complaint Control Method Battery, once this both option is invisible from the device manager then click on the icon which is highlighted in green above with an arrow mark, which is for Scan for Hardware Changes, Click on it and it will reinstall the Drivers.
Now check the Speakers they should be working fine now.

Additional info:
  1. I found this with USB headsets as well so whenever the ac adapter was plugged in they used to make a humming sound. 
  2. Same troubleshooting will go for the erratic cursor movement when the power cord is connected. 
  3. Wifi not working while the power cord is connected. 
  4. LCD screen flickers when the wifi is connected. 

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