How to start your computer in Safe Mode.

Window 10
Starting in SafeMode

Different ways of starting in safe mode !

If you are trying to get into SafeMode of Windows then I do not have to explain you why you need it.
We will better jump in to talk how to do it in simple and easy ways.
1: Through MSCONFIG,  you just have to hold the WINDOWS+R key to open the run box in that Run Box Type in MSCONFIG then hit OK and it will open System Management box. Here in general tab select Selective Startup with Minimal Boot option and click ok, it will ask you to restart the computer to make necessary changes, and on the next restart it will boot to the safe mode.  

2: We have discussed in our previous blog post how to boot into Windows Recovery Option, Kindly read that Blog Post and find suitable ways for you to boot into Windows Recovery mode and select Startup settings:
See above image in there click  on Restart and it will start the computer into Advanced Boot option
where you can select Enable Safe mode, Safe mode with Networking and Safe mode with command prompt. Select the corresponding number and hit enter to get into Safe Mode.

3: We can also try to start the computer in Safe Mode by using Windows Command Prompt by Entering Commands:
bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal.
You can check more commands for different type of safe modes as below:
For : Enable Safe Mode with Networking - Type:
bcdedit /set {default} safeboot network and press Enter.

For Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt - Type:
bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal and press Enter:

bcdedit /set {default} safebootalternateshell yes and press Enter.
The computer responds with The operation completed successfully when you have entered the command correctly.
Now how to make the computer boot into to the normal mode again through command prompt, Enter command :
bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot and press Enter.
So we covered all about going in and coming out of the safe mode today. 

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