Windows update KB4074588 causing USB and HID devices failure

Since last week many Windows 10 users are facing problems with their USB ports are nonfunctional after Windows KB4074588 update on the system.

The issue has been globally Identified. Microsoft's specialist team working on this.

If your system is affected, then you can follow the below steps to resolve the problem.

Your system must fully functional in Safe Mode, and USB devices should be working just fine in there.

So to get the issue fix to follow the below steps:

1) So power crash and restart your computer 3 times, and it will take your system into windows recovery and from there select safe mode with networking from startup options.

2) Open Run box by holding windows key on keyboard and press letter R, In the ren box type in Appwiz.cpl, on left pan select Windows Update, find KB4074588, Now we have to uninstall KB4074588, select it and uninstall. Just in case you are not able to uninstall the KB4074588 update, then try enabling safe MSI. To do that now, you have to allow the windows installer in safe mode, if you already do not know how to do it then follow the instruction on my latest post Click here. Now try again.

3) As we have uninstalled it now, the USB devices would be functional, but the problem will come when windows automatically reinstall the updates back again.
So to save ourselves from being in the windows loop, we need to download the WUshowHide tool from the Microsoft support website, which will give us the option to hide this update and will save the computer from corruption.
To download the WUshowhide, click here and run it, and then it will give you the option to show and hide select hide and select the update, which will carry the name of Microsoft. It will be so long that you will not really be able to see KB4074588 written there in the first place, but once you select next, it will display the full name, and you will confirm it.

So we are done issue is fixed; hopefully, I must have helped many through this post.

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