Windows 10 Redstone 4

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      We have a surprise!

      Windows 10 Redstone next upgrade!
      by Reandroid on March 18
      As we remember, Windows 10's last upgrade Windows 10 fall was a tremendous success, which has taken care of most of the major Windows 10 issues and shaken the antivirus market with it's added feature of Windows Defender. It also provided a lot of new multimedia features, which were just "Amazing" as Windows launched its Virtual mission reality and 3D designs.

      Yes, it all happens in fall now; we are looking out for Windows 1803 Redstone 4.

      When we checked with insider preview, using 17123, found features enhancements to the upcoming version of Windows.

      Windows 10 Redstone 4

      by BW on March 20


      • Timeline the newly added advance feature, which allows you to resume your activities from where you left it no matter in whichever device or platform you were working on.
      • Timeline introduces a new way to resume past activities you started on this PC, other Windows PCs, and iOS/Android devices.
      • The default view of the Timeline shows snapshots of the most relevant activities from earlier in the day or a specific past date. A new annotated scrollbar makes it easy to get back to past events.


      New NearShare by Windows enables easy sharing of files within close range using Bluetooth in a faster and easy way. Feeling like the Windows version of Shareit.

      Some changes to Windows Shell

      • Fluent Design introduces new effects that have been more beautiful and soft to see.
      • Fluent Design's new effects are Acrylic and Reveal results, which are now showcased in more areas of the Shell.
      • The Start menu's new feature is Fluent Design reveals effect in tiles and the apps list.
      • The 'clear all', 'collapse,' and 'see more' 'expand' in the Action Center now uses your chosen accent colors.
      • Windows will now show you your personalized lock screen when selecting your account on the login page.
      • The Calendar fly-out on the Taskbar now features reveal effects.
      • Contacts pinned to the Taskbar now show a list of connected apps rather than tiles.
      • The Taskbar now features the Acrylic blur effect.
      • Use a two-finger swipe gesture to all notifications in the Action Center.
      • Action Center notifications now feature Fluent Design reveal effects.
      • The "clear all" text in Action Center now says "clear all notifications" instead.
      • Nearby Share is now present in the Share UI and lets you share content between adjacent devices.
      • Right-clicking a live tile will give you the option of jumping straight into that app's Settings.
      • Task View now includes Timeline that allows you to go back and resume apps you had open in the past up to 30 days.
      • Virtual Desktops has moved to the top of the Task View UI.
      • Fluent Design effects will be disabled when in battery saver mode.
      • The My People Hub now features Reveal and Acrylic effects.
      • You can now drag to reposition contacts pinned to the Taskbar.
      • You can now drag contacts between the Taskbar and the My People Hub.
      • The Xbox Gamebar is updated to a new UI.
      • Quiet Hours has been renamed to Focus Assist and has been updated with new features.
      • Documents and Pictures are now listed in the Start menu hamburger menu by default.
      • On devices with Windows Hello support, users can now set up Hello directly from the login screen.
      • Users on Windows 10 S can now use the Microsoft Authenticator app to log in to their PC.
      • Eye Control has been updated with more functions in the eyebar.

      Some changes to Cortana

      • Cortana now has a new Lists/Collections app options that allow you to create lists that sync across devices using a different platform which can run Cortana.
      • New Notebook UI that better promotes things like Skills, Lists, etc..
      • The user's profile picture will now be visible in the Cortana hamburger menu.
      • Cortana will suggest activities you might want to resume to help you stay productive as you switch between your phone, laptop, and other Cortana-enabled devices. This experience is powered by the same activities that appear in the Timeline.

      Some changes to Microsoft Edge

      • Edge now features muting audio coming from a non-active tab.
      • Finally, the Edge browser will now auto-fill forms.
      • Now you can save free EPUB books using an edge browser.
      • The new Edge UI now has added an improved User Interface, which reveals Fluent Design effects and a more prominent Acrylic title bar. Which includes The EPUB and PDF bookmarks UI, The book, and PDF  UI.
      • Edge can now support Service Workers that allows websites to send notifications and refresh in the background even when Edge is closed.
      • The Hub has been redesigned with a new hamburger menu and a larger slide-out panel.
      • The favorites bar will now automatically show on the Start or New Tab pages, just like in other web browsers.
      • Extensions can now be used when InPrivate browsing is enabled.
      • You can now vertically dock the Edge DevTools panel.
      There are some other significant changes to settings and input instrument which can be used by the user-specific group so we can keep it short for now and will discuss shortly.
    • Update: Launch date of update for all users on April 10. Media creation tool updates April 26.
    • If you want to save your copy of RS 3, do it now, not possible later.
    • Media creation tool.

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