How to change Windows 10 Desktop Icon's Font Color

Many a time you may come accross the questoin that when you put bright images you are not able to read out the name of the icons placed on windows desktop.

So what will you do to resolve this issue, do not waste your time searching for personalizations and color settings options which we had in win7, in Windows 10 we do not have any option to change the Icon font color.

So what now ?

There is one trick which can be applied as a work around and the trick is as below:

Right click your desktop background and select Personalize, now change background type from "Picture" ti "Solid Color". Now choose Orange this will turn icon text into black color. Now change background type from "Solid Color" to "Picture" again and now select the same bright wallpaper and font color will remain the same black and help resolve the issue.

Solution: Windows 10 has adaptive color schema for Desktop Icon's font is in sync with matchng up selected Solid Color as windows does not have any inteligent tool to read the color of Picture so to make windows understand our need here we needed to play with solid color then come back to picture.


You can try alternate solution as well:

Got to : Settings> Ease of Access > Other Options > Visual Options > Play Animations in Windows.

When toggle this settings icons will appear with black outline and will be readable more clearly then before.

We hope MS is going to do something about it in future.

Till then above are a great work around. 

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