How to Mobile View webpages on Desktop browser on Windows PC - answered.

Here we are with another fantastic trick which you can make use of for viewing your webpage's mobile design from your desktop computer. It is to change view settings of the Browser from desktop to Mobile.

Earlier, If you have gone through our previous blog post, you will find we had posted a desktop view on mobile Browser.
This time Mobile view on a desktop browser. Just the reverse of what we did last time.

This time I will recommend you use Chrome Browser on the desktop for this purpose.

Open Chrome browser, and under it, you will find. 3, dots button ... Button on the top right corner to open settings, click on it, it will give drop-down list select "More Tool" from there select "Developers Tool" in developer tool right Windows pane you will be able to see small Mobile/Tablet Icon click on it. That's it. Now enjoy the Mobile view on your desktop Windows browser.

This step is useful when you want to hide your platform from the responding website, checking mobile views of sites, or you directly want to download windows 10 ISO.

You may find it helpful for different purposes.

Please share if you find our staff helpful.

1. Short cut to open developer console on most of the Browser is "F12" Key.
2. The same feature is also a part of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and other browsers as well.

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