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Identified following Windows 10 OS is trying to update multiple small batches of updates.
Among these batches currently, there is an issue with one of them.

Windows automatically identifies the updated version of drivers and some of the software. 

This has been issues since the time Redstone 1 update for Windows 10 launched, we had seen effects with Wireless then Audio and now with video. Yes, Intel integrated graphic is getting an update from Windows 10 from its definition, which is taking it from version 21.xx.xx.xx/15.xx to 22.xx.xx.xx, which is causing system sleep mode issues. Now sleep mode issues are classified in three different categories:
  • The system not waking up needed to restart.
  • System waking up with distortion and lines.
  • System waking up after a very long interval.

How to fix

To fix the issue, you need to stop windows 10 by updating the video drivers automatically. 

Go to the Intel driver website or manufacturer's support website of your computer and find 21.xx.xx.xx version or 15.xx version of the driver, now download and then simply install it.

Following 2 restarts now, you will find the correct driver version in the device manager.

BUT now go to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update here you will find it finding Intel update again automatically and here you don't have anything to stop it. After some time, it will say ready to install, and it will just take one restart to put it back and will spoil whatever we did so far.

So to stop it to installing it again we have to put some efforts and download WUShowHide troubleshooter from utility from Microsoft's support site then run it, it will show scanning for problems and then give you options for Hiding or Show, here select Hide and next it will show up a list of options which are identified as Device and applications which have updates ready in Windows definition and on next restart it will just load them. 

Try to find Intel HD Video or something make sense just like images posted above, which says Intel Corporation  - Display to it and put a checkmark on the empty box next to it and click on Hide, and it is all set.

Now restart and check for the fix I am sure it is resolved.

Note issue identified with Intel onboard HD 530,520, 620, and 630 drivers. This is an integrated GPU in Intel I series processors. 

In the last final image, I would like to describe how it should look once you Rollback the driver to version in the device manager. 
Hopefully, this post will help the users who are facing issues with Windows 10 updating their graphic drivers automatically, and now at least they know the genuine ways to stop it.

Recent update: Intel has published Driver version 24.xx.xx.xx on its site, and Device manufactures have published driver version 23.xx.xx.xx on their websites.
Install them and get rid of this issue forever now. 

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