Windows 10 RedStone 3 Fall creators update.

Windows 10 Fall Update
3rd major update for Windows 10 Operating systems.


The latest update for Windows 10 is officially out on air for windows 10 users.
As per the official Windows blog, it was scheduled and launched on 17 October 2017.
Even we have confirmed it, and yes, it is rolled out now.
This time Microsoft has added multiple new features for user experience enhancement.

What's in it for me.

Found significant breakthrough is the Mixed reality, which is a windows form of Virtual reality. In addition to it, some small features such as My People, Story Mix, 3D paint, Fluent Design, Enhanced Cortana, 3D mix, and more.
Detailed Features are:
With Windows 10 fall upgrade, users will find below feature enhancements and add-ons.
Upgraded Windows Defender:
Now you do not have to worry about windows defender messing up with other Anti-virus program, now it is going to make them work along with it, so for an example if you do not have any other antivirus windows defender will protect it, and if you have installed some antivirus windows defender will launch it.
If you have installed multiple antivirus applications now, the advanced version of the windows defender is going to disable one of them and keep another one on priority.
So here the issue where windows defender was conflicting with other antivirus or antivirus conflicting with other antivirus and making system go down an item has been resolved.
Enhanced Cortana :
Now Cortana has its own icon on the settings page, and it has geared up with the new feature this time; it has the power to read, search and capture along with new voice commands such as shutdown, sleep, etc..
Unlocking Microsoft account is more manageable now:
Yes, for users who are using their Microsoft account credential for windows 10, got significant relief with the added feature to reset the password from the login screen itself.
Story Mix: Now, you can share your story more effectively and dynamically with this tool, which will boost your images and video presentation on your social channels and put them forward with very creative templates.
3D Mix: 
You can access Microsoft community of 3D contents through the 3D mix, here you can publish your 3d Designs as well as you can share content through it.
Power Slider: For users with battery-powered computers most of the times laptop, this is an advanced new feature which will allow you to set the System performance settings with ease of just clicking on the battery icon on the taskbar and will allow you to save it to the battery or for battery performance from the desktop screen itself, that means no need to go round to power options in the control panel which was confusing for novice users.
Postponing Windows update: One useful feature is to defer the windows update up to a maximum of 35 days when you think it is not the right time to go with it, so you can postpone it up to 35 days.
Updates will stop by themselves:  In earlier version updates were the primary concern that if they were failing, they were still breaking their head on the virtual wall around the windows to get it self installed and make the whole system goes down. Which has been a windows 10 biggest problem because, with Windows 10, Microsoft made all its update mandate, and the user can not postpone it more than 35 days. The primary victim of this limitation I found was the people having windows 10 installed on HDD, which has minimal space left.  But now it is taken care of, and I see it as of now as it has made one of the most significant pains of Microsoft away, as new features will push the update automatically, but if it is failing, it will not try more than three attempts.
Mixed Reality: As per most of the Tech guru mixed reality is a new advance form of virtual reality.
But I believe is it is just a transformation of mixing Virtual Reality into one's personal domain. It will share your motions, action camera video, and images, depending upon the features of the app, it will provide options. Microsoft's own Windows 10 Mixed reality looks cool.
As we all know, all apps are in the market with all kinds of VR supported devices, Android users can try Mixed reality too with certain apps.
Microsoft now enabling VR and MR on their platform and letting its new feature introduced freshly is an excellent idea to renovate things.

  1. While we talk about Hardware, Oculus Rift is leading its way with the VR controlled devices and partnering with different device manufacturers to produce and label it on their name.
One useful feature about mix reality which I like is Virtual space like you will have virtual room where you can set things as you want, it brings big promises like you will not need to set up multiple monitors as your app will set up the various monitors and your Head Mount Display/HMD/VR Headset will take care of multiple monitors.
The concept is fresh, but do you really think that you would like to wear that bulky Headset for hours?
Options coming with technologies are unlimited let's see where it takes us.
I will say it is the best Windows 10 Upgrade so far all three updates by Microsoft.

Features added to Fall update will surely be going to cover up Microsoft's pain area.
FALL CREATORS UPDATE Code name: Redstone 3, Code:1709

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