How to create Windows 10 Bootable USB on Mac computer. |Windows 10|

Using UNETBOOTIN to make Windows 10 Recovery Media on Mac computer.

First thing first: Download the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft's Website the link for it is Windows 10 ISO.

Then open Mac Finder and in search box type in "Disk Utility" Without parentheses. If you are not able to see it in search results, select Search Mac below the search box. Open Disk Utility.

Connect USB, now the select name of USB in Disk Utility, and click on erase(Make sure to back up all your data in a USB thumb drive, and it is ready to wipe out.). After clicking on Delete, it will give pop-up, select method as MS-DOS FAT32, and name as FAT32. Now simply click on OK.

Once USB is erased and ISO is downloaded, need to download "Unetbootin" to download it, go to "GitHub" and select "Mac" and download it.

After downloading it, open the zip folder, then right-click Unetbootin select open, then click on open prompt then enter the system password.

Now select second option ISO, and on the extreme, right small button with three dots is to browse ISO file select appreciate ISO file and click OK.

Just in case if the device is blank in the above image, try formatting the drive again with exFAT and then FAT32. Make sure to keep the drive name FAT32(case sensitive). If still device in UnetBootin is empty, later try terminal formatting. If still not working need to try different USB (Recommended 8GB)

And that's it, it will make bootable USB Windows 10 installation media. Just click exit and take out your USB and put it on the system where you want to install it.

Article By Ashish J

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