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Sometimes you may find that the Icon's text/Name/Font color is too bright or too dark; it is even not readable because the matching contrast with the background image is being used.

So you may want to change the color of text of the desktop icons to read their names.

Sorry, there is no such option in Microsoft Windows 10 to change the text color of desktop icons, but there is one trick that you can use to let Windows change its color as a workaround.

That is changing the background color of the desktop background, which will automatically adjust the text color against it and later put back whatever images you want to use.

Issue resolved.

How to do it?


If you don't know how to change the background color, then follow below link by Microsoft :

Ensure changing the solid color, not the background image, for example, Orange color for black text font color of Icon.

Once you change, it's color again, put whatever background wallpaper image you want to put up over there.

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