How to perform Operating System Reinstall on 32GB EMMC HDD - Windows 10

While performing Operating System on 32 GB, EMMC HDD identified the issue that it reports problem installing Operating System on the selected drive and reports OS could not be installed. (Steps given are for Windows 10 and Windows 8). We have found a workaround to get it fixed.

What we have to do is need to go to the "Repair My Computer" option, which you find underneath Install now the option if you have "Operating System Reinstallation media" you must be knowing how to do it.

Now from here select command prompt and type in below "Diskpart" commands:

  • Diskpart.
  • List disk.
  • select disk {number for your EMMC HDD}
  • clean
  • Exit
Now restart the computer and boot to OS Media, Select install now, then choose custom install, then select new, create the 22GB partition, select that 22GB partition and click on next. Issue Resolved.

Later once the system will load into Windows, go to Disk management and activate the inactive partition.

Tablet users are requested to download OS from the manufacturer website.

Laptop and desktop users will better find the latest Windows build at Media Creation Tools web site.

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