Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal - Netwtw04.sys | Windows 10 Blue Screen |

BSOD Netwtw04.sys.

Lots of the windows 10 users reported this issue after Windows 10 Creator's update.
Issue identified during internet browsing and especially after opening an edge browser.

After multiple troubleshooting attempts, we identified it to be an issue with Intel Dual-band wireless card's drivers and Windows 10 Creator update (In some cases combination with Nvidia graphics card.).

To get the issue resolve, simply go to the Intel website and get the driver updated, and it will fix this issue.

Additional Tips: 
If not able to download as the system is crashing, you can try to disable graphic card from Display Adapter in Device Manager, and it will give you temporary relief from that BSOD.

Issue identified with the Generic/OEM version of current drivers.

PC vendors are aware of the issue and will be working on supplying the fix through their Newer OEM version of their driver. Meanwhile, the latest repair from Intel is definitely fixing this issue.

Hopefully, it will help resolve the issues faced by my readers and in the coming days whenever the users find Netwtw04.sys related BSOD, they will have some clue what it may be related to.

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