Windows creator update installation issues |Windows 10| #ReAndroid

Sometimes Windows updates do not work correctly; I had issues doing the windows 10 creator update myself. However, it resolved the situation using the below-listed method.
An open command prompt opens (hold Windows key and press R, then type CMD in the open box, then click run), in Command box type "net stop wuauserv" and hit enter. This will temporarily disable your Windows Update. Next, navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete the contents of this folder but not the folder itself. These are the files Windows Update is trying to use to update your Windows install.
Finally, go back to your command prompt and type "net start wuauserv" and hit enter. This will restart the Windows Update service. Now, fire up Windows Update, and re-download the Creators Update. It should work now.

What we did in this troubleshooting is that we had forcefully disabled/Stopped the Windows Update Services using the Powershell, which also stopped the current deadlock created by the windows update. Then restarting the service again initiated the fresh Windows Update.

While doing the windows update, ensure that you good bandwidth and ample storage space is available on your hard drive.

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