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I bought Fastrack fitness smartwatch "ReFlex," which I found a little tricky to pair it up with my simple Android phone.

Believe me, it was not a big deal but a Miss from watch manufacturer to publish a proper and easily accessible manual for its user.
Pairing issue with Fastrack reflex fixed.
It was effortless as I  am going to describe it in below steps:

1 - Download Fastrack Reflex App from Google Play Store and open it.

2 - This Fastrack Reflex App will ask you to turn on Bluetooth on the Mobile.
OK did. But now comes the problem!!!
Problem: Why Fastrack Reflex App is not able to find Fastrack Reflex Watch.
-Fixed it on step 3.

3 - Turn on the GPS location and then click on the refresh button to find this Fastrack Reflex Watch, and here you go.

Right now, if you see, I have slowed down the frequency of my blogging cause I am busy doing my full-time work. So don't mind missing image guidelines.

If I found the time I will put them for sure :)

Bye... Friends

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