Windows 10 | System Volume reduces by itself | Resolved

Recently came across a very irritating issue with Windows 10, that volume of system's audio reduces itself automatically.

I went above and beyond to look for solutions, I tried and learned new stuff about sound features in Windows 10 and the root cause of the problem.

First I would like to discuss what did not work for me and then in steps I will recommend steps you should first try what failed to resolve my issue because but may work for you, I don't want you to do significant changes directly, as your Audio drivers may differ from what was there in my case.

Steps to be followed :

1: Open Sound by right-clicking upon the sound icon on the extreme right side of the taskbar. In there on top, click on communication and select the radio button "Do Nothing." Click OK. Now check how the sound is working. If working great otherwise next step.

2: Go to "Programs and Features" ( Just type programs and features in CORTANA) click on it. Now look for the installed Audio program. It should be "Realtek High Definition Audio," mostly issue reported to this program. Now go to the device manager and uninstall any related Audio driver present in there. Restart the computer and now check, it should be working, now restart the system it may go wrong again, and sound will start dropping back. If it starts again, then try the next step.

3: Download WUShowHide(Windows update show hide) from Microsoft's website the "Show or hide updates" troubleshooter package now. Now go to device manager and look for Sound/Audio device, find the one which says Realtek (in most of the cases or Conexant. Now open downloaded WUShowHide and now click on "Next" then "Hide," later in the list select the one which matches the name of Audio driver. In some case you may have multiple entries from the same vendor, so you have to put some extra care to select the right one ( right one has letters like Audio or Sound or media), just do it click on Next and after it does completely finishes doing its stuff close it. Now go back to Device Manager and uninstall the Audio drivers again restart the computer. It should currently be working. Try restarting again and strongly think it should resolve the problem. But just in case not next step the final one but will recommend only try if the above steps are failed.

4: Go to device manager, then go to problem driver Sound and audio controller right-click on it and select update driver, here choose the second option to manually install the drivers, select the option to pick up the drivers from list of devices, the in listed options select vendor as Microsoft and on the right-hand side choose you to have to look for High Definition Audio device, there may be two or more of this driver with the same name recommend to try the second one which worked for me.

So the issue is resolved.

Let's discuss what causes this problem, some of very recent Windows automatic updates have caused specific changes that some of the device drivers, vendors of this devices in device manager were not really ready to adopt this sudden change; hence we either need to wait for new driver version or use Microsoft Generic Driver.

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