My PC Screen kept on refreshing ? | Microsoft Windows - Resolved

Hello friends,

I am back here again with another resolution to one funny issue I came across.

Win 10 refreshes itself automatically !

That is, after logging into my windows account, my windows screen kept on refreshing by itself. It can't let me do anything I tried multiple steps such as:

1 Checking the F5  key on the keyboard, which is a shortcut key for refreshing Windows, it was absolutely beautiful, and then I  tried that keyboard with different computers. It worked fine, so an isolated keyboard was not the problem.

2 Then assuming that could be an issue with the keyboard's driver somehow manage to get into the device manager and tried to disable the console. Still, it also failed to fix the problem; instead, now the refresh rate was so high that it could not do anything on the computer.

3) Right-click on Windows icon and then click on device manager, expand Display Adapter, underneath it you will find your graphic card listed, disable it and now check.
Note: If it is working fine, then it could be an issue with the Graphic card driver or the driver itself. Hence reinstall the driver and check. If still not working, then it seems like a faulty graphic card. To ensure it, you can follow step 4 now.

4) Took system into Windows recovery; everything was working well in here. ( To make it to Windows recovery, click on Windows icon and then Shutdown icon, it will give you options like Shutdown, Restart, etc.. Just hold the shift key on the keyboard and click on Restart.).

So finally made my mind to reset the computer and check if help resolves my problem.

Did it and issue fixed? Source if the problem is still unknown if anyone knows better fix and the cause, kindly let me know.

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