Blank video on Google Chrome Browser.

Google Chrome black screen while watching videos.

Have you ever come across the issue where Google Chrome is not able to display anything while playing online flash video or any of the contents from YouTube or similar online video streaming website. In contrast, you can still hear the audio, and again the video is performing well on other browsers?

Yes, it is an issue with a minor glitch with Google Chrome Browser.

Fix is pretty simple:

1) Open Google Chrome.

2) On address bar type in chrome://flags


3) Hold Ctrl and press F. If you are using touch, then, open the Chrome menu from the top three dots menu icon and select "find on the page," or you can manually scroll down and search for the option "Hardware Accelerator mode" and disable it.

It will look something like :

Hardware-accelerated video decode Mac, Windows, Chrome OS
Hardware-accelerated video decode where available. 

4) It will pop out option for Relaunch Chrome. Just click on it.

Issue resolved.

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