Cortana voice recognition not working | Windows 10

Resolved | Win10 Cortana voice recognition issue.

Recently came accross the issue where I found cortana's voice commands are not working, calling "Hey Cortana" was not responding.
CORTANA can not recognize voice commands

I tried to figure out what would be the cause of the underlying problem.

So first thing I checked was microphone.
I opened voice recorder and tried to test it if my voice is heard clearly by the system, by my surprise it was working absolutely fine.

Then I went to Microsoft Windows ease of access and tried it with Microsoft Windows narrator and even it was working.

So now the problem was why in the world Cortana is not able to hear me ?

It was very important for me to make it work because some of the schools have added Cortana in their syllabus and many of the children are getting affected if it's not working.

So I went ahead and checked for the sound managers installed on computer, one was Windows sound mixer and one from the Audio card vendor Realtek, which you can find on right hand side bottom of screen where you have the date and time, you will see a default speaker icon of Microsoft Windows and when you will click on arrow next to it you will find one more speaker icon.

If there were two speaker icons, they may look different but looks like speaker, then I identified that they were conflicting with each other.

So the resolution was that I went to program uninstaller (To open it type Programs and features on  Microsoft Windows Cortana search box and then select it) and uninstalled Realtek High definition driver software.
Restarted the system, now there was only one Windows sound manager was there, system now running with Windows native drive for sound card and no third party application to conflict.

Confirmed Cortana talking back to me.

Issue resolved.

Underlying cause of problem was the way Microsoft Windows sound manager was assigning the use of sound properties to other applications was different then the Realtek was trying and they were not letting each other to do work properly.

Note: Before trying above kindly ensure that you have downloaded backup driver for your sound card because it may be possible that your sound card could be different and Microsoft Windows may not have native driver for it in it's library. If not sure what you are trying to do better take help of the expertise. You can call Microsoft or system Manufacturer.
My scenario was with Realtek driver your may vary so please put comments so that we can check that as well.

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