Bloggers Stats/JetPack Stats Vs Google Analytic | Why they are so different ?

Why Google Analytic's Score differs from Bloggers or JetPack Stats. | Answered

Blogger Stats, which is also known as Blogger Dashboard, shows a page view count of your Blogspot pages. Causes confusion when a Blogger starts using Google Analytics and finds that the numbers in Google Analytics are way too different than the numbers reporting in blogger. And for WordPress blogger, the same happens to JetPack Stats.

So it raises concerns that: why so much difference?

The answer is that Google Analytics is a more specific and intelligent tool. It does not count the robots and crawlers, which reads feeds from our Blogs, circulates it to search engines, and crawl for recent updates, and it also excludes your own page views and preview.

Whereas Blogger Stat and JetPack stat failed to remove them from counting and gives you inaccurate data, which indeed causes false hope, but Google Analytics is the right place to judge your Blog's popularity.

This means Google Analytics filters real human visiting the Blog's and excludes the remaining.

So if you are planning to lease out space of your Blog to someone be specific with the pageviews you are telling them, it may be possible they may come back and ask to give us Google Analytics numbers.

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