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Transforming Video viewing experience VR Headsets 360° Degree videos & Games.

People who have  VR Headset generally know what is 360° videos & games are they are really amazing and that is the true definition of Virtual reality.
Most of the people buy VR Headset to enjoy theatres like experience using their cell phones and computer(Mixed Reality it's little expensive) but believe me it's way beyond theatre like experience it is a true virtual reality.
So how it becomes the virtual reality using a simple google style cardboard be it homemade?
It is 360° camera techniques that enable virtual reality, so using this technique videographers takes 360° video capture of their surroundings using virtual reality capture software.
What happens doing this?
You have Google cardboard and VR supported phone or gaming consoles, turn on VR support on your cell phone(in my case I have theatre max by Lenovo) now it will enable you to see the same video in 360° Virtual reality.
How VR 360° works?
Very simple just play the video watch left you will see the scenes on left in same way watch up down right and turn around you will be able to see everything that ever the videographers were able to see at the time of video was captured in 360° Surrounding with tiniest to tiniest piece of details.
Gyrosensors of your phones play a very important role when you are using a cell phone on cardboard they let the device know where you are turning and what it has to prepare to show.

When we talk about gaming console and PCs they need specific Headset(Generally comes along with Console) and will not work with just Google cardboard they are wireless VR Headset for the Gaming console and Headset has inbuilt gyrosensors which transmit motion detection to the Gaming Console.

It is really amazing when you play virtual games.

This is next generation of videography and it will lead to new dimensions of videography and choreography.

And of course, it has started fueling the gaming world.

Some Amazing 360° Apps for your smartphone:

Battle 360 VR
Battle 360 VR

360TUBE–VR apps games & videos
360TUBE–VR apps games & videos

VR Pro Sniper Free
VR Pro Sniper Free

Insidious VR
Insidious VR

Game Story 360 VR
Game Story 360 VR

House of Terror VR FREE
House of Terror VR FREE

More apps

Some gaming console which supports VR 360° Gaming:

PlayStation VR
XBox 360
Supported Android Phones 
Supported Apple iPhones

If you have your virtual reality box ready enjoy it to the maximum.

Some VR 360° Movies you would like to see:

1. Jesus VR - The Story of Christ

2. Allumette

3. Lost

4. The Jungle Book

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