Google Play Store not working with error : Pending Download - Fix

Pending download, update or cannot connect to Google Play Store!

Hi Friends, I just want to let you know that I am out of station away from my family for a couple of weeks.
I found this issue recently when my son called me and told me that he is trying to download Pokemon and getting this error, I told him just the same steps we generally do for Apps lockups. Clear cache and data under Apps settings then select Google Play Store after some time he told me that it did not fix, so here is the simple fix for the issue.
1) Clear the Google Play Store cache in App settings (if you have read the above paragraph you know first two step are waste of time but I recommend you to give it a try).
2) Clear out your Play Store data in App Settings.
3) Uninstall Play Store updates in App Settings.
4) Reset and resync your Google account on your phone.
5) Under App Manage in settings, you will find Google Play Services too, remove its data and cache, now try.
6) Install the latest version of Google Play Services and Google Play Store from third-party mirror link. If Play store still not working.
7) Check for download manager in App Settings clear it's cache and data, ensure turning it off then on.
It will resolve it.
If not you have options like.
Reset to factory, Contact Google or use different App market.
I strongly believe that disabling download manager in App Manager will fix this issue.


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