Microsoft Windows 10.1 Redstone. The Anniversary Windows Edition.

Launch Date Confirmed 2nd August 2016

The wait is over for this year's Microsoft's most awaited OS of 2016 Redstone - The Anniversary Edition is all set ready to launch within two weeks

The current user of Windows 10 can find it as the free upgrade!
Codename Redstone 1 has a lot of rumors about its launch and finally, it's coming. 
Redstone also was known as Anniversary Edition/upgrade of Windows. Redstone 1 Windows 10.1. 
Windows Redstone the Anniversary Edition is available in three versions: Home, Professional, and Mobile.
Do remember 29th July is again last day for the free upgrade to Windows 10 Trashold the earlier version.
Rumours says Redstone named after Microsoft newly acquire Miniclips which has to do something with Redstone name.
Added features:
Cortana everywhere that means it is now available on multiple platforms. 
Improved Cortana: Now you can use Cortana on a "User Login" screen as well. So she will end up helping you with search and recover the forgotten password if it is Microsoft account login. 
New with Windows 10 Redstone you can enjoy a more system-wide range of Black themes. So as everything is going Mobil Windows planned to save your battery with more beautiful themes.
Edge with new Windows Hello Biometric and adblock for ads displayed under edge tile which was very annoying.
Bug fixed with Google Chrome browser interface.
Most of the Bugs and error lockups reported in Windows 10 Trashold has been fixed. So it is a more stable & more featured version of Windows 10.
To make it more clear Windows 10.1 is Redstone 1 which is more focused on fixing bugs instead providing features.
The featured Edition Windows 10 Redstone 2 is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2017.
Microsoft seems to be more working on core services in Anniversary release instead of pushing more features so for more features we have to wait till Redstone 2's launch in spring 2017. With this launch, Microsoft strictly denied it's exit from a mobile operating system and regain its customer's trust that there are more things to come on multiple platforms.

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  1. Via Microsoft:
    The pen just got even mightier.

    Turn thoughts into action with Windows Ink – use the pen, your fingertip or both at once.2 Pair Windows Ink with Office apps to edit documents effortlessly. With Windows Ink, you can access features like Sticky Notes with a simple click of the pen.3 When you start drawing a figure like a chart or graph, it'll turn into the real thing right before your eyes. And because Windows Ink stays active when your device is locked, you can even jot down notes when you don’t have time to enter a password.


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