Where to find MAC ID and IP ADDRESS in Android Device.

MAC ID & IP ADDRESS on Android

Just wondering if someone out there wants to know about the MAC address and IP ADDRESS of there Android device !
If you are the one the one trying to find it then I really do not think that I have to give a definition of MAC ID and IP ADDRESS.

But though out of curiosity there might be some people needs the details, below is the definition for it:

MAC Address/ID: 

MAC address is unique set of alphanumeric characters separated by clones, this set is a unique identity of your device to identify you from machine servers. MAC ID is Machine ID.

IP Address: 

When you are connected to  internet and connected through any router or service device. The server(service device) thinks you as his client and assign a client ID. That is Internet protocol address. It may change every time you connect it depends upon settings. IP ADDRESS is 4 set of 3 digit numbers separated by dot between them for example

Now how to check it inside your Android device:

  1. Go to System settings 
  2. Go to About phone 
  3. Go to Status 
  4. Check to wifi MAC ID 
If you are using TAB then just select About TAB in step 2.

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