Safeguard your device from WiFiKill and FaceNiff

Dear reader, in my last post I explained how to use WiFiKill and how to take advantage of it but sometimes some unethical hackers overdo using such App and cause lot of inconvenience to others.
If you are the one who thinks that someone is exploiting app like WiFiKill and eating up all your WiFi bandwidth then you have to start looking out for solution.

Solution is very simple you just need other app on your device.

App name is ARP Guard.

ARP Guard just not save your device from the culprit but also display the details of culprit users device.

How it works

It saves the MAC address of the actual router and remember it, so when ever some culprit app tries to bluff the devices and tries to drop the Internet access request ARP Guard matches the MAC address and refresh the details connect itself to the actual router and in attack log shows details of the hackers device.

You can download ARP Gaurd (WIFI Security) App from Google PlayStore

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