How to reset Android to Original factory settings!

Many a times we come across issues where we need to do factory reset ob Android device.

So how to do that ?

There are 2 Way's to do factory reset on Android devices !

Soft Reset


Hard Reset

Soft factory reset on Android device:

Soft Reset is useful in situations where you are able to access the system settings.
That means when your mobile is getting started, able to load Android OS and you are normally able to access system settings.

Soft factory reset is useful in situations like:

  • Virus and malware where it has not corrupted the root files.
  • System is slow, freezing and lagging.

Hard factory reset on Android device:

Hard factory reset is useful when you donot have other option, and you want to make your mobile exactly the same as you got from factory.

Hard reset is very useful in situations like:

  • Android device is not loading properly.
  • Unable to access settings
  • Trojan virus, backdoor and other malware infection where the currupt routines and make Android OS assume they are bloatware and couldn't be uninstall.
  • You forgot your password.

Now lets talk about how to do that.

How to do Soft factory reset on Android device

Soft reset is pretty simple to do:
  1. Go to settings of device.
  2. Go to Backup and reset.
  3. Now select Factory data reset
It will give you warning about data loss and if you agree you may proceed from here.

How to do Hard Factory reset on Android device

Hard reset is simple but most people do not know about it or want to keep Hard reset as secret. Because if thievs learn about it they will be able to bypass phone's basic security mechanism.

Below are the steps you xan follow to reset phone to factory settings :

  1. Turn of your phone.
  2. Press and hold "Power button + Volume up".
  3. You will be able to see the recovery options.
  4. Select "Factory reset".
The buttons combination options will differ from mobil to mobile like in some mobile it could be down button + power button to get into Android recovery mode.

You need to check online if this two options are not helping or in you got sick Android logo.

If your mobile is infected with virus or if you forget your password then hard reset will fix the issue.

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