Android Mobile of future with endless memory

First Android device with Ultimate Memory.

Facing issue with insufficient storage are now a days of past. Future is a smartphone with memory linked up in the cloud the first phone with this technology is NextBit Robin.
NextBit has introduced this amazingly awesome looking phone with perfectly designed looks and features with a innovative approach which is dramatically change the way we are using our smartphones now.

What is so awesome about it ?

NextBit Robin has 32 GB onboard memory which is linked to the cloud storage which could be more than 100 GB.
Earlier we use cloud apps such as google drive, cloud or Dropbox etc.. to back up our photos, videos, files and songs but NextBit Robin has feature using which you can store and install your Apps also over the cloud.

How does it works ?

NextBit Robin backups rarely used app into cloud archive  them, when ever you try to use that app it invoke the app from the cloud restores and runs it.

Have you said something about look and new feature ?

Uniquly designed fresh colorful look with smarter power button which also have embedded fingerprint reader, so with single button you can lock orvunlock device with higher security and power it on too. Its ports and buttons are awesomely placed in appropriate locations to make it easy, comfortable and beautiful.


  • Nextbit Robin has 32 GB internal storage bundled with 100 GB cloud storage.
  • 5.2 inch 1080P LCD display which is with grade IV Gorilla glass.
  • 13MP rear camera with Dual Flash.
  • Amplifier with double speakers.
  • System OS software updates options.
  • Not heavier than 12 ounce.
  • GSM 3G and 4G lite enabled.

With upcoming high speed 4G there are more to be expected in Android market!

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