How to use "Torrent" on Android ? Answered!

Hi friends, today we are going to talk about how to use peer to peer file sharing system on Android device which is also known as P2P, Emule, Torrent, magnate link etc...

If you are looking for right "Torrent for Android" I will explain you two necessary apps needed to make torrent download even easier than PC!

First thing first the definition.

What is Torrent ?

It has been very evolutionary application software on PCs since 2003, where one user can put some file in shareable folders and this software creates magnate links so that it can be shared by others from end users computer.

How it downloads stuff?

Magnet link 

Magnet link displayed with magnet icon next to it. You can try to search for magnet link for which ever movie, app, software or pdf file you want to download and add it to torrent app it will download from peers with full speed by sharing partial parts of files from different peers. More the peers more faster download.

I will recommend not to use Google to find torrent magnet links why because it will give you links where you don't know how many peers are actually there, instead of blindly searching on Google better use app named Torrent search which will give you links and when you click on it it will give pop out with options where you can select torrent app where you can add them up.

You can download torrent search engine from playstore.

Torrent Search Engine download link

For example:
I used Torrent search engine and it gave me search box to search for my intrest as in below image :

Let's fill in something there, ok I filled ITIL now giving me lot of results. Great look at the image below:

So you have too look for the details, like type of link whether you want eBook or video or software app etc... 

Second thing is number of seeds higher the numbers better and faster download. Check for leachers too that means that file is getting actively downloaded by someone at present.

Now you know how to search easy for torrent magnet.

But Browser can not download magnate link, now what?

Torrent Downloader

You need Torrent client to download! That's the next step.

As per what Google Playstore recommends and as I am using and I am recommending UTorrent, Bittorrent and Vuze. I am using Utorrent and Vuze.

UTorrent Download Link
Vuze Download link
Bittorrent Download link

Now after installing torrent client go back to torrent search engine app  just click on your searched result and select option "Use Torrent Client" it will pop up options for Utorrent or other as which ever you have installed, just select that and here you will get box to confirm adding them add it and it will download.

I believe I covered all details and if you have any queries feel free to leave comments below.

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